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PAGI is a Turkish brand and serves its valuable customers with 100% Turkish capital. Organic: It uses 95% natural herbal raw materials and 5% synthetic chemical raw materials in its production. Unique Odor: Whole body products use permanent and natural essences in 9 different flavors (Coffee, Patchouli, Ocean, Grapefruit, Mango, Daisy, Paphiopedilum, Fig and Moss) specially produced for PAGI. There are also 18 different odors in other products. Plentiful Variety: It has a rich collection of body cream, lotion, shampoo, shower gel, liquid soap, hand-foot creams, body peeling, fragrant body oils, body sprey, perfume, gifts, olive oil soap. Quality Packaging: PAGI uses product bottles, labels and lid designs produced from raw materials of first class, handmade, leafy and nature compatible packaging in all product packages.

Skin-Friendly: PAGI removes soaps from the dead body in the body, leaving a soft, smooth touch while breathing on the skin. It contains vitamin E, which is contained in the skin. It moisturizes and polishes. All PAGI products are completely skin friendly. Mystique: PAGI has a design that combines historical habits with contemporary technology. It's authentic. Our country has the richest fragrance, mold, weight and various body soaps and products. Gift: You can give your loved ones the gift of PAGI gift products so that they feel like you and they are happy. Our customers have been giving presents for their PAGI products for years. Compliance with Standards: PAGI products are produced without any chemical, animal, foam, bleach, softener added. In this respect, PAGI products are world-class organic-natural products. 030288 and May 05, 2008, Ministry of Health, General Directorate of Pharmaceuticals and Pharmacy.

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